Mahera Khaleque
My research has two directions: one addresses the issues of my cultural displacement alongside my integration process in the American culture; the other one embodies the concepts of erasing and the re-writing of history. They are parallel subjects, because my adaptation in the second culture is a constant development, whereas the reason of my displacement began with a re-writing of history in my home country, Bangladesh, as a result of a dictatorship. Due to my cultural displacement, I view my own immersion, integration and growth in the American culture as interwoven. To me, the notion of home reflects individual as well as collective experiences that become interwoven over time. As an artist, I often tend to speak from an in-between position, allowing myself to meander through similarities and differences between two cultures, mimicking "in-between" experiences. I hope to offer visual experiences that begin with curiosity and end with a sense of empathy in my viewers’ minds.